The Haunted Housewives    


‚ÄčCleaning up after ghosts can be a dirty job,

but someone has to do it!

We educate. We amuse. We investigate. We ponder. We're two independent, creative women who look beyond what convention might dictate in the ever changing world of paranormal investigation.  We delve deep into the history that shapes the situation that leads to the haunting. We are known to operate outside the realm of what is currently popular or acceptable while applying our own distinctive investigative techniques.  Enlisting many combined years of experience, the Haunted Housewives, Theresa Argie and Cathi Weber,  listen carefully as you chronicle your current situation.  We will diligently research your historic and present day property, expertly investigate your paranormal claims and activity, and pursue a creative solution when requested.


We believe every situation is unique. Every haunting is an individual event. And, every setting deserves to be considered for its historical significance. We have been privileged to investigate many iconic historical locations in our home state of Ohio including the Lake County History Center and Museum, Ohio State Reformatory, Prospect Place Mansion, Zoar Tavern, Mansfield Seminary, Lakeville Grain Eleavator, Greenwood Farm, Poasttown School, The Hermit Club, Anna Dean Farm and Farnham Manor.  We've also investigated places all over the United States such as the Knickerbocker Hotel (PA), Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (WV), Waverly Hills Sanatorium (KY), Jerome Grand Hotel (AZ), Red Onion Saloon (AK) and Lemp Mansion (MO) to name a few. Our visits to the Historic Culver City Hotel and infamous Queen Mary in Los Angeles, CA were haunting experiences as well!

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